Chanson Water

Top quality and performances for home alkaline ionizers  and filtration water systems. 
Chanson is manufacturing home and semi-commercial alkaline ionizers and domestic water filtration systems 

Virus Zero by Samsung

It is an innovative technology for air sanitation ( bacteria, Virus, Allergens, etc…) based on SPI Samsung Plasma Ion. Virus Zero has different models from portable personal devices to large professional units for home, hospitals, schools and every environment where air sanitation is critical.



Innovative systems for production of Bio-Active Water for farming, livestock animal consumption, agriculture and also for human consumption.

Vegus Juices

The only juices in the world that are comparable to fresh vegetable, NO preservative or pasteurization. Vegus is producing 
Broccoli sprouts Juice, Wheat Grass  sprout Juice, Carrot Juice.  Also different combination of Broccoli, Weatherglass and Carrot. The health benefit of these juices and supported by years of scientific research.

Mirko Co. LTD


Industrial and commercial ionizers of different producing capacity from 10 to 200 litre / minutes.
Difference models:
Alkaline ionizers to pH 10 and H2 up to 600 PPB,
Alkaline ionizers to pH 10 and H2 up to 1500 PPB,
Ionizers to pH 8 and h2 up to 1500 PPB
Super Oxidized water ionizers based on HClO (hypo-chlorous acid ) production for sanitation of any environments
and as fungicides and antimicrobial for agriculture.
Very powerful and not toxic.

Progetto Sorriso

Research and care for autism children.